Reproduction of historical statues

INRIA / Fondation EDF

Fibre de verre

The request

The Lighthouse exhibition, presented at the National Maritime Museum in 2012, offered the general public the opportunity to discover, in particular, a series of reproductions of archaeological pieces found on the site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt, including the Isis and Ptolemy sculptures.

This project is the result of scientific collaboration between INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, the EDF Foundation and Neamedia.


Our answer

Through the use of sophisticated 3D modelling techniques developed within the framework of the ANR SeARCH project (2012 version, Isabelle Hairy, CEAlex, CNRS), and drawing on historical sources and archaeological data collected by the Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines since 1994, Neamedia was able to achieve perfect 1/5 scale reproductions of the Isis and Ptolemy statues.


The result

Digital data acquisition, photogrammetry, relief studies, machining and finishing: all steps which allowed the massive archaeological fragments to be reassembled virtually to take pride of place in physical form in Paris.

The giants have thus found a new lease of life through a trans-disciplinary partnership!