Snow globe

Christian Dior

Injection plastique

The request

To celebrate Christmas, this haute couture fashion house styled and decorated the windows of a Parisian department store. For this occasion, it wished to bring out a series of exclusive snow globes in the image of its brand.

For this project, it sought an experienced partner who could perfectly master the specific constraints of this manufacturing type, in keeping with its tradition of excellence and creativity.


Our answer

Pre-production: product design and 3D modelling, including precision work on the level of detail and realism of the figures and accessories.

Production: proposal for a manufacturing solution drawing on expertise used in the toy industry (plastic injection figurines).

Setting up a manufacturing procedure to ensure a high level of finesse and realism, along with production stability.


The result

In addition to complying with the brand’s codes, the object took on a magical quality through judicious choice of its various components, such as the stars.
The Dior snowball has been noticed across the board and has generated significant media coverage.

Long hours of research were necessary to find the right equation and make the models as realistic as possible within an environment of water and glass.