Visual Merchandising

Le Printemps - Burberry

The request

For Christmas, the department store chain Printemps teamed up with Burberry to decorate its shop windows. As is traditional, the brands imagined and designed a fairy-tale world that would appear in all the chain’s stores in France.

That year, rag dolls were used to tell the story of a little boy’s journey with his teddy bear. Like Peter Pan, he travels from Burberry’s flagship store in London all the way to Paris. In reference to these dolls, the Visual Merchandising teams wanted to make statues of the character. They had to blend in with the visual environment and follow the brand’s codes closely.


Our answer

Based on 2D illustrations by the illustrator Tom Haugomat, Neamedia created a 3D sculpture of the little boy and his teddy. After various discussions with the Visual Merchandising team at Printemps and with Burberry’s approval, and given the limited number of pieces to be made, Neamedia produced a series of window-dressing sculptures 70 cm tall, made of resin. Easy to carry and totally stable, they met the practical requirements for a quick installation.


The result

The statues of the little boy and his teddy fitted in perfectly with the other elements of the décor and adorned the windows and aisles of the Printemps stores during the Christmas period. A successful and accomplished project thanks to a great collaboration between Neamedia and the creative teams at Burberry and Printemps.