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Assembling know-how

The Little Prince Sogex / Gallimard

A new offer

To celebrate the Little Prince 70th anniversary, Gallimard Jeunesse had the desire to create a special box set combining the book’s original edition and a figurine. The aim was to respect the spirit of a work that is part of the French heritage while giving birth to a new and attractive offer.

Triggering emotion

Emotion and poetry are inherent characteristics of Antoine de Saint Exupéry's work. It was important to transcribe them in this box by creating a link between the figurine and the book. We took the author's watercolours as models to be sure to capture all the elements that make the Little Prince such an inspiring character.

As part of a turnkey service

The combination of know-how (figurines design and manufacture, book printing, box design, logistics) has made it possible to deliver a turnkey product "ready to sell", at a competitive price while respecting the publishing house’s quality requirements.

Next project

Designing objects that trigger emotion

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