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Motivate its distribution networks

Pokémon Sun & Moon Pokémon Company

Grown-up kids always love gifts

Figurines, statuettes and, more broadly, derivative products are much more than mere objects. For fans, these are collector's items that demonstrate their attachment and commitment to a brand or a game. Exclusive and accessible for a limited period of time, they are a strong incentive to pre-order the game.

An effective tool to motivate distribution networks

Especially when these offers are reserved for powerful distribution networks such as GameStop, Walmart or Target which can widely communicate on these exclusive offers and generate traffic in their points of sale.

In collaboration with demanding rights holders

Neamedia has been supporting the worldwide release of Pokémon games for many years. We are honored to be one of the few companies in the world to be able to design and mass-produce Pokémon figurines in partnership with The Pokémon Company's creative teams and Nintendo marketing teams.

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Associating physical object with digital content

Little Nightmares / Bandai Namco Entertainment